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Theme : Exploring Frontiers in Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine

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Scientific Tree has come into being with a noble mission and a cause. In today’s world, sharing of scientific knowledge, research findings, dissertations, demonstrative laboratory procedures, methods, and strategies within the scientific community in general and people at large has become a necessity. It is towards this end, Scientific Tree organizes scientific conferences year after year bringing all the scientists of the world on a single platform where they can share their knowledge, wisdom, scientific treatise, experiences and experiments on subjects crucial to human existence and their wellness and well-being. Presently Scientific Conference is conducting a Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine.


Tissue engineering is an technique applied towards the preternatural generation, regeneration, or restoration of native tissue structure and function using biological components. The goal of tissue engineering is to functional constructs that restore, replace, or improve damaged or wounded tissues or organs. Artificial skin and cartilage are good examples for tissues engineering. For proper functioning of these tissues certain requirement is needed like mechanical and structural properties. Regenerative medicine is a broad field that includes tissue engineering but also incorporates research on self-healing where the body uses its own systems or with the help of foreign biological material to recreate cells and reconstruct into tissues and organs.

 Welcome to the wonderful International Conference on Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine.   

 There will be discussions, debates, lectures, live-wire interactions, keynote addresses, plenary talks, poster sessions, workshops, and symposia etc. You can learn more about the role of Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine and how it helps in sustaining economies and bettering human lives. This Conference is aimed at enhancing your knowledge further which we are sure is going to help you in your profession and career.